Timor-Leste’s leading micro-finance institution

Our mission is to provide micro-finance and other allied services for businessman and other community members who have not access to these services. The objective is to help families to improve their quality of life and empower women. This service will be do sustainably, transparent and follow the regulation.

Want to improve your life?

Please come to Kaebauk Investimentu no Financas, SA. Kaebauk can facilitate you to expand or enlarge your business through credit. Kaebauk could also support those of you who want to fix your house or provide support to pay your or your child’s school fees.
Kaebauk’s motto is: ‘ Us with you: that means Kaebauk wants to offer financial support to all with good means to improve the lives of all people and empower women and mothers.

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Our branches are open to all people

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Our Products


Kaebauk has become Timor-Leste’s first licensed ODTI to offer savings product with the interest rate in the country at 1.5% per annum*

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Easy loans are available for a wide range of activities

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We promote to improve the quality of life of families and empower women

Fairness and equality for families of all kinds

“Without Kaebauk it would have been difficult as I didn’t have the money. Without the money my business would be very small. It has allowed for me to grow my business much quicker. Without Kaebauk it would have been very slow.”

Bernadete Bian

Kaebauk Customer

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