Hi, we're Kaebauk

Kaebauk started in 2001

Kaebauk started as a microfinance program under the NGO of Safe the Children and registers as Tuba Rai Metin ) which translates to “Stand Firmly on the Ground” NGO in 2003 to continue the microfinances program.

The organization grew steadily over the years, withstanding civil unrest during the 2006 crisis which saw 13 other MFIs operating in Timor-Leste close down their operations. In 2006 TRM was transformed into an institution that can accept deposit (ODTI) and got permission from Timor-Leste Central Bank named Kaebauk Investimentu no Finansas, SA

Meet the Board of Directors

Alvaro Menezes
Board of Directors
Aida Pinto
Board of Directors
Board of Directors