History of Kaebauk:

Kaebauk is the first “ODTI – Other Deposit Taken Institution” licensed by Central Bank of Timor-Leste since August 2016. Kaebauk shareholder are Tuba Rai Metin (TRM), Based of Pyramid Asia (BOPA), International Financial Corporation (IFC) and Asosiasaun Tuir Rasik Mehi (Turame).

TRM was one of the micro finance operators in early days of year 2001. As micro finance operator, TRM have gone through a difficult time during its existence specially in 2006 where majority of micro finance operator closed.

After TRM transform into Kaebauk in 2016, Kaebauk haven grown into the biggest micro finance institution in the country with 22 branches that serve over 14,000 clients in the country.

Kaebauk is growing both on the client based and its financial performance. This is where Kaebauk seeking good young talent who are willing to learn and grow with Kaebauk.

 Salary:  A competitive salary based on qualification, working experience,

              knowledge and professional skills

 Pay Grade: B2

Reporting Line: Chief Executive Officer 


a)      Manage CEO Office which include administrative arrangement and documentation works.

b)      EA will act as CEO first point of contact for inside and outside of the organization.

c)      Arranging travel, visas and accommodation for CEO and Senior Management team for both domestic and international travel.

d)      Coordinates the scheduling of regular staff meetings, gathering agenda items and materials as required and preparing and distributing finalized agenda; monitors progress of departmental assignments, ensuring that responses are timely manner.

e)      Assist the CEO in ensuring the company’s compliance with corporate and external regulations.

f)        Secretarial support for meetings as and when required by the CEO, including drafting and circulating meeting agendas, preparing minutes, communicating meeting reminders, confirming venues and arranging refreshments. Writing and distributing comprehensive minutes and action points to all members post meeting.

g)      Advise members of Senior Management team on legal requirements; Assist in establishing and maintaining clear communication among the various Senior Management team of the company.

h)      Monitor and coordinate incoming communications (including complaints) to CEO’s office including phone calls, emails and walk ins, ensuring correct department distribution and accountability for follow-up and closured,

i)       Screening phone calls, enquiries and requests and handling them when appropriate. Organizing and maintaining diaries and making appointments. Dealing with incoming email, respond to enquiries from people through website and social media (facebook) often corresponding on behalf of the CEO.

j)       Additional roles related to the above, as decided by the Management, may be given as and when required.

Education Qualifications and experience:

–          Bachelor degree in management, law, finance, administration or related area;

–          At least 2 years of experience related to the role.

–          High level communication and interpersonal skills.

–          High level coordination and management skills.

–          High level of personal and professional organization.

–          Language skills in Tetun and English.


Skill Required

–          Proficiency in English and working knowledge of Portuguese AU language is an advantage

–          Ability to work under pressure to agreed deadlines and adapt to change

–          Ability to retrieve information from relevant sources through research

–          Assuring discreet handling of business and ability to handle confidential and sensitive material

–          High level of personal responsibility and proactive approach to tasks

–          Proficient in Microsoft Office, Excel and Power Point,

–          Time management skills

–          Excellent interpersonal skills

–          Ability to work in a diverse team

–          The flexibility to work additional/out of hours as necessary to fulfil the requirements of the role and meet the business needs

 How to Apply:

Interested candidates please send your updated CV and a covering letter that explains your motivation for the role to Angelo B.C.Soares, Chief Executive Officer, with 2 references email to jesuina.cabral@kif.tl and cc to (edio@kif.tl) latest by 18 August 2021. This position open for both external and internal. Eligible female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.